Return Policy

Below we outline the return policy for items purchased on our website. The Return Policy should be considered a part of and are referenced in the general Terms & Conditions of this website. Please refer to them and the Shipping & Delivery pages for more details and relevant information. By accepting the Terms & Conditions of our website, you are also agreeing to the terms of orur Return Policy page.

Return Policy

The customer has the right to return their purchased items on the condition that neither the package, nor the content have been damaged or used. The buyer has to notify us of their intent to return a product in 8 days after receiving it. An item can be returned on the following grounds:

  1. It’s defective/broken/malfunctioning or otherwise damaged
  2. The wrong item was delivered
  3. The product was damaged during the shipping

Damaged items

The merchant is responsible with delivering the purchased items in an acceptable and usable condition. In case of any problems with the delivery and the condition of the received item, including damage, scratches, bending, leakage and other, be sure to contact the Dermal Cosmetics team at, in a time frame no longer than 2 days after you’ve received the package. Issues reported beyond that point will not be responsibility of the merchant. Providing clear pictures of the problem is required, when making a complaint.

Be sure to attach and provide any necessary documentation regarding your problem or our team will not be able to assist you.

In order to resolve any potential problem, our team needs your full cooperation, especially when the damage is a result of the carrier mishandling the package. Once the damaged items are returned you will be offered reimbursement or a replacement item.

We will not accept returns beyond the 8th day of the notification.

When returning an item, if possible, include a copy of the invoice and note on when the problem is.

Product Returns

Should there be a damage to the item received by the customer, as a result of an adverse event, the customer must notify us within 48 hours.

We define the term “adverse event” by these criteria:

  • Any type of malfunction or other failure, product defect or deterioration which prevent using the product in the normal intended way. This definition is extended to also include mislabeling or an error in the product usage instructions. Further, definition includes life- and health-threatening situations which are a result of oversight
  • A medical or technical reason which might warrant the mass recall of products from the same type

The buyer must inform a member of our team in 48 hours after receiving the items or items, or after finding out about the problem, but no later than 8 days after receiving the package. When making a complain, the client is required to submit detailed information about the problem and, if such, what actions have been taken by them to identify said problem.

We will help customers with the return process and provide clear instructions on how the customer should proceed to receive a refund or a replacement.

All recalls will be reviewed on a per-case basis, after a careful examination of the information provided by the customer. we would never undertake actions which would violate the laws applicable to the customers.

It is the obligation of the customer to provide relevant documentation, such as but not limited to – seizing notes issued by public agencies, recall notes sent from subsequent clients of the buyer, etc. Production recall costs are the client’s responsibility.


Please refer to the general Terms & Conditions for the refund policy.

Refund Review

All returned items are reviewed before a refund is issued. Depending on the condition of the returned item and whether we conclude the possible damage was caused by the customers mishandling, we reserve the right to change or decline the issued refund.